Monday, 26 June 2017

Summer In LUSH

Summer In LUSH

So recently i decided to have a little mooch around the heavenly smelling pretty delights that lie within Lush, and i couldn't resist picking up a selection. 

Lush is abit like marmite in my opinion, you either love it or hate it…personally i love it, i always enjoy passing by the shop enjoying all the rainbow colours and inviting scents, for some however this is not the case. My best friend for example is one of the haters, she came in with me and immediately had to leave, the smells were just to much for her and in her words she doesn't like the idea of taking a bath wondering whether she would end up looking and smelling like a over perfumed glittery disco ball. (ha)

So for those of you that do love Lush, oh mm gee…

They had so many new summery joys from Bath Bombs to Luxury Oils, with a lot of the usual floral fruity scents, but a lot of new earthy tones too.

These are my picks.

                                                                                               Yellow Submarine

                                                                                                 Guardian Of The Forest

                                                                                             Rose Bombshell 


                                                                                                        You've Been Mangoed 

                                                                                                       Flowers Barrow 

Razzle Dazzle

If you was to ask which ones me favourite i honestly couldn't tell you, I love my cute little body butter bee he's the cutest, turquoise is my favourite colour and i love anything earthy that reminds me of the great outdoors so Guardians of the forest hits the spot , Yellow Submarine is just so fun and Rose bombshell is just to god damn  pretty.

If you want to hear more detail about these beauties then I made a video on youtube which you can watch here.

Have you guys been loving any of the new products? If you've not been in recently go on treat yourself and  have a snoop, if not only but to get that heavenly wiff.


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