Sunday, 18 December 2016

Making A Gingerbread House From Scratch

December is that time of year where i see a lot more posts/videos/pictures of baking, festive baking. My sister is an avid baker and general all round gem in the kitchen area, i however can be rather lazy when it comes to cooking. I have all the intentions when I'm not gallivanting abroad to bake and cook amazing things, but alas this is few & far between, I hold my hands up to it and hope this can change somewhat next year!

Last year her and her bestie designed and made the best gingerbread house, i was so impressed it looked so so good! And since then I've wanted to give it a go myself and asked her to join me in the mammoth task of making and building one from scratch. 
So thats just what we did! 

I thought i would share with you a few pictures from our eight hour baking mission and link you to my video i made of the whole process. 
I hope some of you will find this useful if you want to make one yourself and i hope you like our design! Construction and decorating i found
was the most fun :)


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