Sunday, 18 December 2016

Making A Gingerbread House From Scratch

December is that time of year where i see a lot more posts/videos/pictures of baking, festive baking. My sister is an avid baker and general all round gem in the kitchen area, i however can be rather lazy when it comes to cooking. I have all the intentions when I'm not gallivanting abroad to bake and cook amazing things, but alas this is few & far between, I hold my hands up to it and hope this can change somewhat next year!

Last year her and her bestie designed and made the best gingerbread house, i was so impressed it looked so so good! And since then I've wanted to give it a go myself and asked her to join me in the mammoth task of making and building one from scratch. 
So thats just what we did! 

I thought i would share with you a few pictures from our eight hour baking mission and link you to my video i made of the whole process. 
I hope some of you will find this useful if you want to make one yourself and i hope you like our design! Construction and decorating i found
was the most fun :)


Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Little Breakaway Time

This little blog post i actually wrote for my old blog several years ago, i loved the place and felt i had to share it on here for you to see. So put your feet up and have a little read.

So for a long time I’ve had a little imagine of me myself and i escaping on a mini adventure break in the middle of nowhere, with the birds, bees and trees, a book and time to take a breather and generally have a relaxing time! Its good to get out of your usual surroundings especially if your in need of some down time! And that was exactly what i needed, even though I had spoken about doing something like this for a while, where and when hadn't been decided and this was given to me as a very lovely gift. The lake district, i had always known about its delightful idyllic views but never really considered going there, i now however can well and truly recommend it! Old Shepard yeat Farm was where i stayed  a quaint homely cottage located near crook, Kendal and 15 minutes from bowness on windermere, with its many bedrooms, lounge, gamesroom, and many ensuites, even an amazing hot tub outside with THE best view spot of the surrounding heaths, this place was incredibly spacious, secluded and makes the perfect holiday home whatever season!

 I visited in winter 2015 just after new year, as soon as i walked through the front door the warmth and general homely feel of the place hit me instantly and stayed with me throughout my stay, above is a few of my photos from my time spent there, i went on some lovely walks, visited Bowness on windermere ( in torrential rain! hense the fuzzy grey photo at the end!) trooped about the cute little village and visited the theatre cinema. Bowness is also home to the Beatrix Potter attraction, i used to love Beatrix potter stories when i was a young one and in the lounge they had Beatrix Potter figure ornaments which were so adorable! 

I loved my little getaway adventure, i got to recoup and got to experience such a beautiful place.
have you ever found/experienced a lovely getaway destination?  or do you have a certain place you love to go to for a breather? 
Ban x

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